CFOs: Don't Read This If You Like High, Ever-Growing Health Insurance Premiums

Dave Chase | Forbes | September 22, 2013

While one Washington fails to lead, another Washington steps up.

While the federal health reform gets a lot of media attention, in many ways the real action is in the “DIY Health Reform” movement driven by non-partisan entrepreneurs. For example, I outlined this prior to the State of the Union earlier this year – Mr. President: The Deficit Problem was Solved Last Week but for the Preservatives

For over three years, I’ve been writing about how a new care/payment model is increasingly disintermediating health insurance. This model is the only one I’ve seen that consistently eliminates 30-80% of unnecessary (and expensive) facets of healthcare. However, in order to be fully embraced by employers, unions and individuals, there has been a missing element — until now.

If Direct Primary Care is a new concept, before reading on, I’d encourage you to take a moment to read one or more of the articles linked to below.