How Mobile EHR Apps Can Revolutionize Health Care

Leo Sun | The Motley Fool | August 29, 2013

According to a recent survey from Black Book Rankings, demand for mobile EHR, or electronic health record, solutions is extremely high, with 83% of surveyed physicians stating that they would use mobile EHR apps if more options became available. The survey found that only 8% of physicians currently use a mobile device for EHR functions, indicating significant market potential for new mobile EHR apps.

...Unlike mobile apps from retailers, EHR companies cannot simply repackage a website as an app and release it. Mobile EHR apps must be built from the ground up since tablets are not optimized to include all the powerful features that the desktop version has. Tablets have smaller displays and less processing power, rely on slower wireless connections, and require optimized graphical user interface designs for touchscreens.

...According to a survey from Manhattan Research, 72% of physicians are using an Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) iPad, making it the main piece of hardware to watch in the EHR space...

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