AHRQ Grants Show Use Cases For Clinical Decision Support

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | August 15, 2013

Want to know how healthcare analytics is impacting healthcare right now? A new report published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has published a new report highlighting findings and lesson learned through its awarding of grants through its Improving Quality Through Clinician Use of Health IT Grant Initiative, a portion of which demonstrates use cases for clinical decision support (CDS).

“With the rapid growth in the publication of medical research and the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines,” write the authors of the report, “clinicians face a challenge in maintaining current knowledge of prevention and treatment recommendations on a wide range of topics relevant to care delivery in the ambulatory setting.”

The federal agency has invested in more than a dozen projects through the grant program that reveal different advantages to be gained through the implementation and adoption of CDS functionalities, an investment that indicates the value that AHRQ see in these abilities...