Black Book: 81% Of Practices Committed To EHR Replacement

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | July 23, 2013

Unhappy physicians often daydream about being able to throw their cumbersome EHRs out the window, and plenty of providers are making that dream a reality, according to a new Black Book poll.  Following up the recent survey that declared 2013 the “Year of EHR Replacement”, the market research organization found that 81% of providers who said they wanted to replace their EHRs are actually going through with it within the next year.

A widespread lack of usability plagues most EHR offerings, according to physicians.  Two-thirds of physicians who use an EHR regularly do so unwillingly, due to frustrations with “clunky” and “difficult” interfaces, a lack of seamless data sharing, and a dearth of innovative tools such as voice recognition technology.  And the software itself is only half the problem.  Many providers feel ignored by EHR vendors who provide poor or non-existent customer service, minimal training, delayed product upgrades, and shady business practices.