Health Care Initiatives Thrive With The Help Of Crowdfunding

Alexandros Stefanakis | Launcht | July 16, 2013

MedStartr is an emerging player in the crowdfunding healthcare revolution. When founder Alex Fair realized that the large crowdfunding sites did not permit healthcare projects, he created MedStartr to bring healthcare solutions out of the idea box and into the marketplace

With MedStartr, Fair hopes to create a space for healthcare innovators, and give them a shot at gaining traction in the industry, much like a business accelerator . “[These] companies create a Wave that begins with patients and doctors, continues to hospitals, and ends with the perfect partners, VC funding, and sometimes an outright acquisition,” he writes on the platform’s page. This “wave” has momentum; the average Medstartr project “raises $13,012 immediately and over $405,000 over the next six months.”