Episode #15: Medstartr Takes Crowdfunding To A Whole New Level

Michael Walsh | HealthSparx | July 2, 2013

This week on HealthSparx, I am joined by healthcare guru Alex Fair, Co-Founder and CEO of Medstartr and Chapter Lead for Health 2.0 NYC, to chat about his journey from mad scientist to serial entrepreneur.  Alex’s latest startup, Medstartr, launched in 2012 as a simple crowdfunding concept for healthcare innovation projects but has evolved into SO much more.  Check this out to learn all about Alex and get expert info on putting together a killer crowdfunding campaign of your own!

Alex starts off by telling me about his experiences as a Physicist and how he got on the healthcare track with his first company that he created and sold in just 12 weeks.  As is with so many, the motivating factor for making the jump to healthcare was a family member who had gotten sick, so Alex being the superhero that he is, lept to the rescue and started working to make it better.