Are Hospitals Switching EHRs?

John Lynn | Hospital EMR and EHR | July 2, 2013

There’s definitely been a trend in EHR replacement that’s happening on the ambulatory side of the EHR market. Many ambulatory EHR practices are dropping their EHR and switching to another EHR. I’ve heard dozens of EHR vendors tell me that a large portion of their EHR sales are from doctors switching EHR software.

Someone recently asked me if the EHR switching applied to hospital EHR systems as well. I’m not sure that the EHR switching is as widespread with hospital EHR software as it is with ambulatory. The huge price difference creates a much different dynamic when you think about switching EHR software.

With that said, we do see a lot of EHR switching happening in hospitals where one hospital acquires another hospital. [...]