CA Hospital Adds CPOE To VistA Implementation

Anne Zieger | Hospital EMR & EHR | July 1, 2013

It’s still rare these days to see a private hospital roll out open source EMR VistA, despite VistA’s excellent reputation. But one such hospital has not only implemented VistA, it’s added CPOE to its VistA rollout.

The facility in question is Oroville (CA) Hospital, which spent three years self-implementing the VA platform. Oroville has spent seven years developing a paper-based order set system, and has now converted its order sets from paper to electronic.

For a year the medical staff at Oroville had been using paper order sets and the VistA EMR, but that arrangement was getting old, so the transition was a happy one, according to Dr. Matthew Fine, the hospital’s chief medical officer, who’s quoted in a press statement.