Developer Interest In Windows Phone 8 Is Still Dismal

Dan Rowinski | ReadWrite | June 27, 2013

Microsoft has a lot to work to do in swaying the people who might build apps for Windows Phone 8.

What developers want to build apps for a mobile operating system that has minimal consumer adoption and is struggling to maintain or advance its market share month after month?

Not that bloody many, apparently.

This is the problem facing Microsoft with Windows Phone. Developers just do not care about it. The Windows Phone Marketplace has about 100,000 apps—many of which are copycats and clones of other apps—and has not grown substantially through the first half of 2013. 

In its most recent quarterly survey of its Titanium developer ecosystem, mobile tools provider Appcelator notes that interest in building for Windows Phone and tablets has decreased significantly since a high water mark following the announcement of Windows 8. Less than 40% of Appcelerator’s mobile developers are “very interested” in building for Windows Phone or tablets. In comparison, nearly 90% of developers are interested in building for the iPhone; 78% are eyeing Android smartphones.