Mega-Earthquake Forecasted To Hit British Columbia, Pacific Coast For First Time In 11,000 Years

Rebecka Schumann | International Business Times | June 13, 2013

A historically large earthquake is scheduled to hit the Pacific Coast, according to a new study released this week. British Columbia is reportedly the area most at risk for what researchers are calling a “mega-earthquake,” also known as megathrust earthquake, a tremor that hasn’t hit the region in more than 11,000 years.

According to a study published Wednesday by the School of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads University in Victoria B.C., sea floor sediment samples removed off the coast of Vancouver Island confirmed claims that British Columbia is anticipated to experience a high-magnitude quake anytime within the next 700 years. The report, published by CBC News, stated findings that the last 9.0 magnitude mega-earthquake in the region occurred in 1700.