How Virtualized Systems Provide A Strong Platform For Business Continuity

Chris Preimesberger | eWEEK | June 10, 2013

Today’s virtualized systems provide a sound platform for business continuity because the platforms and networking are stronger and more agile than they were even a few years ago.

One of the key benefits of the cloud model—and all cloud systems are virtualized—is how virtual machine-driven systems can help to ensure business continuity and speed disaster recovery.

Companies of all sizes are always looking for affordable ways to deliver quality IT services reliably and continuously to customers and employees. Cloud computing using virtual machines presents a low-cost disaster recovery and business continuity solution for small and midsize businesses and a more cost-effective alternative to cost-conscious larger corporations.

Agile virtualized systems put data into pools that can be replicated, audited and moved quickly and efficiently from one data center to another. These are ideal for IT managers.