Our Critical Mission: Addressing Malnutrition In Hospitalized Patients

Gary Fanjiang | Alliance | May 28, 2013

With the U.S. healthcare system in the midst of significant changes, the value of nutrition has never been higher, yet it is often overlooked and undervalued. As such, the issue of malnutrition in hospitalized patients is becoming widespread. With 1 in 3 patients entering the hospital malnourished,1-3 clinicians must come together now to address this critical health challenge.

As the Divisional Vice President of Scientific and Medical Affairs for Abbott Nutrition, I am responsible for leading medical affairs, clinical development, nutrition science and education. Everyday my team focuses on nutrition science that matters.   Our mission at Abbott Nutrition is to provide nutrition science and develop products that have a great impact on peoples’ lives across the entire age spectrum. That is why it makes perfect sense for our company to be a founding member of the Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition.