Virtumake – DIY 3D Scanners And Open Source Hardware

Staff Writer | Open Source Hardware Junkies | April 21, 2013

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a 3D model worth? 3D Scanning is taking 3d printing to another level – it is allowing people to visualize the natural world in new ways.

This weeks show is an interview with Bernhard of Virtumake, a company based in Vienna, Austria that offers 3D Scanning services to its customers.  One of the many interesting projects that Bernhard is working on, is the VirtuZoom Microscope 3D-Sanner, which enables you to create large 3D models of smaller objects like coffee beans or coins.

Could you tell us about the DIY 3D scanners you are working on?

My last project was the VirtuZoom Microscope 3D-Scanner. It is a device that automatically scans tiny objects like little coins or insects. You can magnify the 3D data to any size you want and finally create a much bigger physical model of the object with your 3D printer.