Bhoreal: RGB Grid As Open Source Hardware – Kit or Ready-Made, Wired or Wireless

Peter Kirn | Create Digital Music | April 5, 2013

We are Bhoreal from MID New Media Design on Vimeo.

Grids are suddenly everywhere – in music control, but also in visuals and art. And they’re lighting up in RGB. But Bhoreal promises to do some things other grids aren’t. Whereas the monome is a truly beautiful, handmade and rare object, its rarity – by design – means it’s hard to get. And readily-available commercial products aren’t open source, and while they fit certain needs elegantly, they’re designed to stick to those needs rather than allow easy modification.

Bhoreal is this kind of blank-slate, do-anything colored grid you can turn into whatever you imagine. It isn’t the first open source grid project, but it appears to be aiming to be the first for a bigger audience. (If it seems like the Arduinome, that’s because it’s built on that project – but expands its goals and implementation.) [...]


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