'Open Access' Euro-BioImaging Project

Press Release | Photonics | March 29, 2013

Euro-BioImaging, the pan-European open-access research infrastructure for biological and medical imaging technologies, is now accepting new member applications from imaging facilities.

Recent developments in imaging technologies have enabled scientists to visualize and better understand the processes that govern life and diseases in cells and organisms. However, European life scientists have not had access to these technologies, which has slowed scientific discovery. Euro-BioImaging aims to fill this gap by creating a network of geographically distributed, interlinked imaging facilities. Each partner, or node, will provide open access to advanced imaging technology for all European life scientists.

“Access to cutting-edge imaging technologies is a growing challenge for European scientists even though they are ready to travel long distances to carry out experiments with the best technology,” said Jan Ellenberg, scientific coordinator of the project at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). “Euro-BioImaging will provide access to the latest equipment, at a reasonable cost and distance. This will be a unique advantage for the European life science community — it will foster many new discoveries in biology and medicine, and drive innovation of imaging technology.”