EHR Integration Transforming Health Care Tech

Lana Bandoim | | March 23, 2013

The integration of EHR (electronic health records) is helping to transform technology in the health care industry. A recent article from InformationWeek highlights a report from the West Health Institute that shows EHRs are changing the health sector. 

On March 22, Ken Terry points out EHRs “could save more than $30 billion a year.” Electronic health records have the potential to become a technological fingerprint for patients. ...  

The $30 billion savings figure cited by the West Health Institute report is a realistic number considering CHMB’s case study for the San Diego Heart & Vascular Associates showed a decrease of $20,000 in transcription costs per year. If one small practice can find savings this quickly, then EHRs have a great potential to cut costs in the entire industry.