Phablet, Schmablet: Let's Refocus On Real Innovation

Melissa Thompson | TechZone360 | March 14, 2013

Last night, Samsung delivered a flash-mob style performance in Times Square ahead of its Galaxy 4S device unveiling tonight at Radio City Music Hall.  Literally, turning the U.S. wireless communication competition into a circus. In another limited-edition special, Apple’s VP of Marketing, Paul Schiller, defended Apple’s products and pointed out major flaws in Samsung’s products and tactics to the Wall Street Journal. Samsung is delivering its new product with circus-like fanfare. In a quick role-reversal, we have Apple on the defense and Samsung on the front-line (but not in front of true innovation).

The Paradigm Shift in Mobile Technology

Samsung’s Galaxy 4S “phablet” will have a screen that is predicted to be 0.2 inches larger than its predecessor.  The inclusion of more innovative features for the 4S – flexible screen technology, eye-tracking software, and an 8-core processor– is a long shot at best.