Harnessing Drupal And Open Source Within Healthcare

Marc Hermsmeyer | Achieve | March 7, 2013

Harnessing Drupal and Open Source to Drive Outcomes in Healthcare

Lessons from The San Diego Business Journal, Healthcare Reform Conference

The United States spends around $2 Trillion on healthcare a year, making it the most expensive health system in the World, and yet we consistently rank poorly for key markers such as life expectancy and infant mortality rate.  Our system needs to become more agile with increased patient engagement and enrollment in order to create a better and more coordinated care system.

Last month’s Healthcare Reform Conference on Tuesday February 12th was full of great information and presentations from panelists Leanne Gassaway, Regional Vice President, State Advocacy for Western Region at AHIP, Joy Higa, Vice President, Health Care Reform at United Healthcare, and Dr. James LaBelle, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President at Scripps Health. Much of the conversation centered around the new costs that will be passed down to employers, that will eventually trickle down to the employee.  Throughout the event it struck me that technology, specifically Drupal and Open Source software, can assist to alleviate the many pains present in the current system. [...]