The High Cost Of Poor Software Quality

Staff Writer | WireHarbor Security, Inc | January 8, 2013

We recently highlighted how a bug in the Stockholm Stock Exchange caused an errant trade of more than 4.2 billion index futures contracts (a value equal to 131 times Sweden’s GDP) to send the trading network into a tailspin and forced trading to a halt. A spokesperson for the exchange blamed the mistake on a parsing error. A costly software bug to be sure – not only in lost trades for the exchange but also in lost trust in the platform itself.

While the vast majority of enterprises don’t suffer glitches that traumatic, they certainly do suffer business losses from poor software quality. This can be in the form of lost sales, lost eCommerce transactions, downtime, damaged brand, and of course in the case of security related defects, a serious data breach.

And, as you’ll see in this post, there are many ways businesses suffer losses due to low software quality...