Open Source in 2013

Sean Kerner | Internet News | January 2, 2013

The two leading trends in IT during 2012, namely mobile and the cloud, were both being led by open source and will continue in 2013.

On the mobile front, while Windows, Apple and Blackberry OS still exist, it is Android that is likely to hold the majority share of the world's smartphone deployments in 2013...

Whether it's OpenStack, CloudStack, Eucaplyptus or OpenNebula, when it comes to core cloud infrastructure, open source became the defacto standard in 2012....

The desktop is not the place where open source will dominate in 2013. Open source will continue to dominate at the infrastructure layer as it always has and at the very edge of the network with consumer devices that are based on open source technology.

Open Health News' Take: 

Good article by Sean Kerner in Internet News. On the other hand, looking well beyond 2013, what will Health IT look like in 2040?  How will healthcare change over the next 20 years?  Take a quick look into the future.  Also, visit the COSI 'Open' Technology & Solutions web portal on America's Future.   -   Peter Groen, Senior Editor, Open Health News