FrontlineSMS at 7: ActionAid In Kenya, Nepal And London

Laura Walker Hudson | FrontlineSMS | December 29, 2012

In the seventh and final post in our FrontlineSMSat7 series, our CEO Laura Walker Hudson highlights a FrontlineSMS use case that makes her happy – ActionAid’s award-winning, bi-continental pilots of FrontlineSMS in Africa and Europe.

In 2010, one of the first meetings I took after I joined FrontlineSMS was with a new initiative called Infoasaid (at gorgeous, Art Deco Bush House in London, now sadly closed). A small team of media and humanitarian aid experts had been funded by DFID to work with humanitarian aid agencies to improve the way they communicated with communities affected by disasters, and they wanted to use FrontlineSMS. In 2011 we conducted a training for the team, and a few months later they began running pilots with ActionAid, WorldVision, Save the Children and others in East Africa. I was lucky enough to join a training they ran for WorldVision in Voi, Kenya in January 2012...