StudyCentric – Developing A Research-Oriented Open-Source Web-Based DICOM Viewer

Jeff Miller | Informatics 360 | October 24, 2012

CBMi designs applications to meet the diverse needs of many different users ranging from sophisticated research scientists to clinicians, office staff, and even patients. Recently during the development of the pediatric hearing impairment research tool, AudGenDB, we found ourselves challenged with a requirement to display anonymized medical image data inside the web browser.

There were two major deployment requirements to accomodate users working in academic institutions and hospitals. First, the application needed to work in browsers as old as IE 7 as well as all major modern browsers, and second, it could not require any special privileges to run on the user’s computer. Further, we had one major feature requirement that the application support basic distance measurement. These concerns seriously limited our options.

Where to start?