Open Source Hardware, Workshops And Summits

Gareth Branwyn | MAKE | September 25, 2012

We here at MAKE are really excited about Thursday’s Open Hardware Summit at EyeBeam in NYC. The OHS is always an inspiring event, and a perfect lead-in to World Maker Faire. We had a hardware pow-wow of our own this year, prior to Maker Faire Bay Area in May. It was an amazing event, with a who’s who of speakers in the open source world. The assembled talked about the import of open source hardware as a potential engine of innovation and new manufacturing model. At the Workshop, we saw firsthand the power of one of these events in galvanizing a community.

You can learn more about our Hardware Innovation Workshop here. On the Speakers page, you can scroll down the list, read speakers’ bios, watch the videos of their talks, and then visit their websites.