New Crowdsourcing Platform Can Save You Money On Medical Bills

Staff Writer | IdeaConnection | September 25, 2012

The crowd is smart and innovative. And it can be resourceful too, helping you to save money. The costs of health-care are often a huge burden to households in the US, especially when there’s an unforeseen injury or illness. Hoping to help people keep hold of more of their money and shed some light on medical costs is a website called Clear Health Costs that lets users know what others are paying for medical treatment.

The crowdsourced platform encourages people to provide details of the costs of their treatments and the practices where they received their care. Visitors to the site can easily see the lowest and highest amounts paid for a particular treatment, such as teeth fillings, a mammogram, MRI scans and cardio stress tests and the addresses of the providers. They are also shown price discrepancies between different health centers...