Google Code-In Contest For High School Students Starts This November

Stephanie Taylor | Google Developers Blog | September 24, 2012

Today marks the launch of the third Google Code-in, an international contest introducing 13-17 year old pre-university students to the world of open source software development. The goal of the contest is to give students the opportunity to explore the many types of projects and tasks involved in open source software development. Globally, open source software development is becoming a major factor in all industries from governments, healthcare, and relief efforts to gaming and large tech companies.

When you hear the term “open source” do you ask yourself:

  • What exactly is open source?  
  • How can I get involved in open source software development if I’m just starting to learn how to code?
  • What types of work do open source projects do?  
  • I’d like to work on open source but I’m not really a coder, what else can I do?
  • I’ve never worked on a global project using IRC and chat groups: can someone help me?

If you’ve wondered about any of these questions and are a pre-university student (age 13-17) then you should join in on the fun with the Google Code-in contest starting November 26, 2012.