Open Data for Development Camp Amsterdam 2012

Malou van Nieuwkoop | 1% News | July 26, 2012

On the 29th of June the Open Data for Development camp 2012 took place in Amsterdam. This meeting followed up on the Open Data for Development Camp in Nairobi (27 & 28 June). In Nairobi, presentations and discussions focussed on local and international perspectives on Open Data and Development (check out short mo

At the AmLab in Amsterdam the connection with the ODDC in Nairobi inspired the participants to take the discussion to the next level. With 125 participants coming from diverse professional backgrounds it was a busy and vibrant day.

Mariken Gaanderse (Open for Change) and Jasper Konings (VPRO and Netherlands from Above) started with an inspiring introduction. The day continued with presentations, workshops and Open Spaces spreading throughout AmLab, which is the home of 1%CLUB, Text to Change and Akvo...