VistA For The NHS

Ewan Davis | Woodcote Consulting | July 25, 2012

VistA is the open source electronic health record (EHR) system developed and used in the American Veteran’s Health Administration (VA). It is widely acknowledged that over recent years the VA has transformed itself from one of the worst healthcare provider to probably the best in the USA with its use of VistA rightly credited as on of the key enablers of this transformation.

This has success has spurred the development of WorldVistA and The Campaign for NHS VistA I’ve been aware of VistA for may years and have followed its’ progress with interest, but had not been convinced that it had much to offer in a NHS context. However, over recent months, mainly through my work with HANDI I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of those promoting VistA in the  UK, from the VA and from WorldVista and am now persuaded that bringing VistA to the UK could help to enable transformation in the NHS.

My vision for VistA in the NHS varies somewhat from that of The Campaign for NHS Vista, who as I understand it see the ultimate goal being VistA as the single IT system for the NHS, but I hope a vision which is compatible with the direction of travel of the  VistA community.