Predictive Data Analytics is Saving Lives and Taxpayer Dollars in New York City

Alex Howard | O'Reilly Radar | June 26, 2012

City governments, faced with decreased resources after the Great Recession and rising citizen demand for services with increased urbanization, must be able to make better decisions that are informed by data. To put it another way, in 2012, mayors need to start playing Moneyball in government with evidence-based analysis.

From public health to education to energy policy, if governments can shift resources to where they’re needed more quickly and accurately, there’s substantial positive outcomes for citizens from the application of data for public good.

Predictive data analytics - like any data analysis -- can only be as effective as the data that they're based upon. Data quality is a long-term concern for any policy makers that wishes to make data-driven decisions, from foreign policy to energy to transportation. If it’s bad data, policymakers are going to have a problem, even with superior methodology and algorithms...