Increasingly, Clouds Are Built the Open Source Way

Joe McKendrick | Forbes | June 13, 2012

Today’s cloud computing landscape has no clear leading vendor; but rather is a mosaic of services. While the commercial opportunities are enormous, open source clouds are beginning to dominate the private cloud side of the market.

These are the findings of a new survey of 651 companies, conducted by RightScale, Inc. Among the 64% of respondents who plan to include a private cloud option as part of their cloud portfolio, open source private cloud solutions are taking the lead.  The largest share of cloud adopters, 41%, plan to use only open source-based private cloud options (CloudStack, OpenStack or Eucalyptus), while another 29% plan to use a combination of open source and VMware options. Another 30% of those respondents plan to use VMware-only based private cloud options.