e-Health Project In Malaysia To Monitor Medical Drug Preservation With Waspmote

Alberto Bielsa | Libelium | January 20, 2012

Medical drugs are very expensive, in special vaccines and others that need to be stored at a specific temperature. Therefore, real-time monitoring is vital to control whether the cold chain has been broken or not. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are capable of getting temperature, humidity or luminosity measurements and transmit the data to a remote server periodically. In this way, real-time conditions can be monitored in order to know when a problem in a freezer or a refrigerator happens, avoiding critical situations and saving a huge amount of money.

ARES Project

ARES system has been developed by DeltaZ, a Malaysian company focused on medical products, which has been deployed in several cities in Malaysia. The system is able to monitor several parameters (Oxygen, CO2, Vibration or Temperature among others) in different environments...