HP's WebOS Is Going Open Source. Now What?

Jason Perlow | ZD Net | December 10, 2011

The blockbuster news this week in the mobile industry is that Hewlett-Packard has decided to release its webOS operating system under and Open Source license, retaining the patents for themselves instead of selling off the ICAP/IP to a buyer.

Back in August, just before the TouchPad was put out to pasture and the webOS unit sent into limbo, I actually suggested that this might be a possible route for the OS, but I really didn’t think HP had the guts to go through with it.

Major kudos to HP CEO Meg Whitman for giving this huge gift to the Open Source community. Seriously. All of that being said, a couple of things regarding webOS’s future are still up in the air. The first is webOS’ Open Source license. HP has already indicated that it is leaning towards using something Apache-like, or Apache itself....