Upstream 2022

Event Details
June 7, 2022 (All day)

Live, one-day virtual event on June 7 brings together the application developers who use open source and the maintainers who create it.

Upstream 2022 is an event for those who create and use open source software to build applications. This year, Upstream will consist of more than 30 virtual sessions that attendees will be able to attend live or access following the event. Upstream is a free, one-day event that brings together developers, open source maintainers, and the extended network of people who care most about their work. 

The successful first-year run of Upstream united thousands of people around a vision for how to make open source work better for everyone. Last year, speakers and panelists from AWS, Google, Red Hat, GitHub, Microsoft, and more shared in the celebration of open source with developers and maintainers covering all of the major application development ecosystems from JavaScript to Java, Python to Ruby. 

“We were thrilled with the positive response to Upstream 2021,” said Donald Fischer, co-founder and CEO of Tidelift. “We’ve already started curating an amazing program for this year and are eager to share more stories of the maintainers, developers, and open source advocates who are making open source work better for everyone.”

This year, Aeva Black of the Azure Office of the CTO at Microsoft will be keynoting alongside Deb Bryant of Red Hat. Additional speakers will be announced soon. 

“At Upstream this year, we plan to explore the concept of making open source even better than ever by answering the question, ‘What do we owe each other?’” said Joshua Simmons, Tidelift ecosystem strategy lead and Upstream event chair. “And, ‘How does that relate to the state of open source today when it comes to things like supply chain security?’ At Upstream, attendees can learn how to establish a company culture that prioritizes contributing upstream to the projects they use alongside like-minded people who want to see open source and its maintainers thrive.”

The theme for Upstream this year: what is our responsibility to each other?

Keynote Speakers

  • Aeva Black, Open Source Hacker, Microsoft.
  • Deborah Bryant, open source advocate.
  • John Mark Walker, Director, Open Source Program Office, Fannie Mae.

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Upstream is part of Maintainer Month, a month-long celebration of open source maintainers coordinated by GitHub. Learn more about Maintainer Month at