Redwood MedNet Conference 2014

Event Details
July 24, 2014 - 5:00pm - July 25, 2014 - 5:00pm
Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel And Spa Santa Rosa, CA
United States
  • Practical Solutions for Health Information Exchange and Interoperability
  • Includes the California Connects Interoperabilty Exhibition

Connecting California to Improve Patient Care is an annual conference featuring subject matter experts on electronic health records (EHR) and on the use of national technology standards to establish interoperability for electronic patient health data. Conference presenters will explain practical solutions for securely sharing electronic clinical information between computer systems at unaffiliated health care facilities, such as outpatient practices, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers, long term care, home health, public health, and also including patient engagement portals and mobile apps. Conference attendees will learn about best practices in health informatics. Speakers will explain the current status of health information technology California, national software road maps for standards and interoperability and patient safety, and emerging tools and opportunities for physician and patient engagement.

California Connects Interoperability Exhibition, hosted concurrently as part of the Redwood MedNet Conference, will feature practical kiosk demonstrations on interoperability. The kiosks will show the secure exchange of electronic health data, including patient engagement with the care team, in a hands on manner that allows one on one interaction with the kiosk presenters. The kiosks are co-sponsored by Redwood MedNet and California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE).

Conference Presenters

  • Paul Biondich, MD, MS - Research Scientist, Regenstrief Institute, Co-Founder, Open Medical Record System (OpenMRS)
  • Robert M. Cothren, PhD - Executive Director, California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE)
  • John Halamka, MD, MS - CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Professor, Harvard Medical School. Co-Chair, Federal Health IT Standards Committee (Note - Dr. Halamka will present a keynote address by live video)
  • Michael Hogarth, MD - Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine, UC Davis
  • James P. Killeen, MD - Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine, UC San Diego
  • Joshua Mandel, MD - SMART Platform Architect, Boston Children's Hospital
  • John Mattison, MD - Chief Medical Information Officer, Southern California Division, Kaiser Permanente
  • David McCallie, Jr, MD - SVP, Medical Informatics, Cerner Corporation
  • Dave Minch - Chair, Board of Directors, California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE)
  • Wes Rishel - Vice President & Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Inc. Member, Federal Health IT Standards Committee.
  • Dean Sittig, PhD - Professor, School of Biomedical Informatics, University of Texas, Houston

California Connects Interoperability Exhibition

Co-sponsored by Redwood MedNet and California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE)

Redwood MedNet and CAHIE are co-sponsoring the California Connects Interoperability Exhibition as part of the 2014 Redwood MedNet Conference. California Connects will feature hands on demonstration kiosks staged in an exhibition area adjacent to the plenary ballroom for the Redwood MedNet Conference. The California Connects kiosks will allow conference attendees to see clinical data interoperability solutions based on practical technology standards for electronic clinical data exchange services.

Interoperability Exhibition Schedule, Friday July 25, 2014
    9:30 AM to 10:15 AM - Morning Break - 45 minutes
    12:00 PM to 1:15 PM - Lunch Break - 75 minutes
    3:00 PM to 3:45 PM - Afternoon Break - 45 minutes

  • Exhibition schedule may evolve based on changes in Plenary session start and stop times
  • Kiosk demonstrations are open to the public during the 2014 Redwood MedNet Conference.

Interoperability Kiosks

 Direct Provider Address Discovery and Document Delivery
    Organized by RAIN Live Oak HIE and Telemedicine Network

Using robust, open-source interfaces RAIN Live Oak DIRECT will demonstrate a speedy and reliable process for a registered ambulatory or acute healthcare provider to search the CTEN federated provider directory to discover a Direct address and transmit medical documents and referral information.   [ PROPOSAL ]

Query-Based Exchange via eHealth Exchange

    Organized by Dignity Health and UC Davis Health System

Query-based exchange is demonstrated between Dignity Health's private HIE, "Mercy Health Information Exchange", and the UC Davis Epic EHR via the eHealth Exchange, allowing clinicians to access clinical information from another health system for a given patient. This exchange helps clinicians provide more efficient and comprehensive care for patients, improve outcomes, and help reduce the cost of healthcare through eliminated duplicative tests.   [ PROPOSAL ]

Exchange and Direct Messaging Between VA and Private Sector
    Organized by US Department of Veterans Affairs

VA is using Exchange and the eHealth Exchange with 17 private-sector organizations to coordinate Veterans' care. Direct secure messaging is a new protocol currently piloted by VA to enable both provider-mediated and patient-mediated health information exchange.   [ PROPOSAL ]

Using Direct and iBlueButton for Transitions of Care
    Organized by Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange
    Supported by Inofile, San Diego Health Connect, and Humetrix
    Sponsored by Axesson

Demonstrating coordination of care across disparate systems and care settings using the ClearExchange Interoperability Suite of solutions. The latest available standards and capabilities are on display including Blue Button+, Consolidated CDA, Direct Messaging, and Provider Directory.   [ PROPOSAL ]

iBlueButton for Consumer-Mediated HIE
    Organized by Humetrix
    Supported and Sponsored by Santa Cruz HIE and San Diego Health Connect

Demonstrating a Veteran receiving care at the San Diego VA, at a private clinic, at a military treatment facility, and at the UC San Diego using the Humetrix iBlueButton app to access, display, aggregate, and store health records from the VA, Medicare, and DoD with a UC San Diego C-CDA record transmitted to the app by Direct, and then at an ED in Santa Cruz to the iBlueButton Professional iPad app of an ED physician.   [ PROPOSAL ]

Asthma Management with Wearable Device Linked to PHR
    Organized by San Diego Health Connect
    Supported by Microsoft HealthVault, UCSD School of Engineering, Propeller         Health, Cal IT2, and The SIMI Group

    Sponsored by National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE)

Bidirectional transport of patient data is demonstrated between provider HISPs and patient-owned PHRs using information from asthma patients. A UCSD School of Engineering device, "CitiSense", measures air quality in real-time with a geolocation and sends data to a smartphone. An additional device uses wireless inhaler monitoring to count the number of puffs a patient takes versus their geolocation in real-time. These two data elements are analyzed and return a summary document for the patient and provider using Direct, and custom treatment plans from the provider are returned to the patient via Direct.   [ PROPOSAL ]

Community Hospital Sends Patient Visit Alerts to PCMH
    Organized by Alliance Medical Center
    Supported by Redwood MedNet and Healdsburg District Hospital

A patient visit to a community hospital triggers the Redwood MedNet visit alerting service. The patient registered in the hospital visit is compared to a PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) registry published and continuously updated by a nearby community clinic. If a hospital patient is also on the community clinic's PCMH registry, then a visit alert message is sent to the community clinic. The alert message is routed in the community clinic's EHR to the PCMH care team assigned to the patient.   [ PROPOSAL ]

    Organized by SMART Platforms
    Supported by HL7 FHIR and Cerner

SMART on FHIR provides a set of open specifications to integrate clinical apps with Electronic Health Records, portals, Health Information Exchanges, and other Health IT systems. The use cases will demonstrate Web-based SMART apps running against an open-source reference implementation as well as a commercial EHR (Cerner Millennium). The demonstration will show the technology stack that powers the platform (FHIR; OAuth2; and OpenID Connect) and will outline what it takes for a Health IT system to become SMART.   [ PROPOSAL ]

Provider and Patient Scheduling with Care Services Discovery (CSD)
    Organized by IntraHealth International
    Supported by OpenHIE and IHE

This demonstration illustrates how the new Care Services Discovery (CSD) profile from IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) can support various workflows for patient scheduling and follow-up care.   [ PROPOSAL ]

Pushing Real Time Gap-in-Care Alerts to the EHR
    Organized by Vigilance Health
    Supported by Sandlot Solutions

IPAs, medical groups, health plans, and hospitals are delivering patient-specific "gap-in-care" alerts directly to the physician desktop. The transition from volume-based to value-based health care delivery relies on communication of critical information to the clinician in real time while the patient is present. This solution has been used to change a health plan's CMS Star rating from 3.5 to 5 Stars in less than 3 years, which led to increased reimbursement.   [ PROPOSAL ]

California Trusted Exchange Network (CTEN)
    Organized by California Association of Health Information Exchanges
    Supported by RAIN Live Oak HIE, Santa Cruz HIE, SD Health Connect, and OCPRHIO

CTEN provides a lightweight infrastructure that facilitates health information exchange statewide among otherwise unaffiliated HIOs. Demonstrations that use CTEN services will illustrate how published Trust Bundles enable authentication of exchange services that comply with consensus policies, and how federated Directory Services enable discovery of Direct addresses and Exchange endpoints.   [ PROPOSAL ]

California Connects Archive

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