Mike O'Neill and Seong K. Mun on OSEHRA - The VistA Open Source Custodial Agent

Event Details
March 1, 2012 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Those interested in finding out more about OSEHRA, the VistA Custodial Agent organization, there is a golden opportunity on March 1. Mike O'Neill - Senior Advisor, Veterans Affairs Innovation Initiative (VAi2) and OSEHRA Board Member and Dr. Seong K. Mun, founding President of CEO of OSEHRA will be giving a webinar presentation and detailed discussion on OSEHRA's background, mission and current status. 

OSEHRA’s mission is to facilitate, through the use of the best practices in open source software development, the improvement and maintenance of EHR information systems.  These systems will be freely available for all medical beneficiaries. OSEHRA has been modeled after successful open source collaborative efforts and will welcome the contributions from all kinds of developers.

OSEHRA establishes an organized framework for all kinds of companies and creative individuals – users, developers, service providers, researchers, universities and for-profit companies – to communicate, collaborate, and share.  The open source ecosystem is a transparent, rapid and safe way to accelerate progress in creating an ever improving, and highly functional EHR for the beneficiaries of VA healthcare, the Military Health System, and more broadly, the nation as a whole.


Seong K. Mun, PhD, founding President of CEO of OSEHRA has been a research and development leader in academic environment of Georgetown University Medical Center and Virginia Tech-Arlington, Virginia. His R&D interests have been in medical imaging, PACS, informatics, telemedicine, disease management, patient centered medical home and global disease surveillance. At Georgetown he served as Associate Vice President for Special Programs responsible for development new programs and managing congressional relations. His graduate training is in computational biophysics. Following his fellowship at Radiology Department of University of Colorado Medical Center, his team built one of the first 1.5T MRI systems at Columbia University Radiology Department.

Mike O'Neill - Senior Advisor, Veterans Affairs Innovation Initiative (VAi2) and OSEHRA Board Member. As Senior Advisor to the Director of VAi2, Mike drives VA's flagship program for identifying, testing, and deploying new solutions to that advance VA's ability to meet the challenges of a 21st-century organization. He has been involved in the commercialization of new products and technology as an executive in startups.