Transforming Nursing Practice through Technology & Informatics

Press Release | HIMSS | July 7, 2011

The HIMSS Board of Directors approved this position statement describing how to transform nursing practice through technology and informatics.

Nurses are key leaders in developing the infrastructure for effective and efficient health information technology that transforms the delivery of care. Recognizing this vital leadership role of nurses in providing quality patient care, the HIMSS Board of Directors approved a position statement describing how to transform nursing practice through technology and informatics.  Leaders from the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community, representing over 2,900 members who not only serve the nursing profession, but also, the broader healthcare industry and HIMSS membership at large, developed the position statement.

The position statement supports the landmark report from the Institute of Medicine and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health Report. The report provides criteria to transform the nursing profession, leading to new roles and leadership positions for nurses in the redesign of the healthcare system.

As stated in the report, “The United States has the opportunity to transform its healthcare system, and nurses can and should play a fundamental role in this transformation. However, the power to improve the current regulatory, business, and organizational conditions does not rest solely with nurses; academia, government, businesses, healthcare organizations, professional associations, consumers and the insurance industry all must play a role.”

HIMSS concurs with this statement and has outlined specific actions in its position statement for each of these constituencies. In addition, as noted in the position statement, a new type of nurse leader role is emerging: “the Nursing Informatics Executive.”

…HIMSS expects a growing demand for this strategic and operational role to permeate the majority of healthcare organizations to support not only nursing practice, but the entire care delivery team in anticipating and adapting to changes in the healthcare environment. Emerging nursing informatics leadership roles are critical to engage in the necessary transformational activities and bridge the new care delivery models into clinical practice with the right technology solutions…(from the position statement)

“Nurses are an integral part of successfully achieving improved outcomes, optimal wellness and overall population health management,’” says Joyce Sensmeier RN-BC, MS, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, FAAN, Vice President, Informatics, HIMSS. “Involved in all aspects of healthcare, nurses play a role that truly puts them in a pivotal and important position where they can both influence healthcare reform and manage patient care needs across the continuum of care.”

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