OSEHRA Releases Upgrade to popHealth for the 2018 Clinical Quality Measure Reporting Criteria

Press Release | OSEHRA | March 22, 2018

The Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) announced today the release of the Version 5.1 of the popHealth® open-source clinical quality measure database and reporting engine. The new release maintains its 2015 Edition Health IT Module certification for Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) reporting criteria: (c)2-4, (d)1-3, (g)4, and (g)5 for the Calendar Year 2018 performance period.

This release is the culmination of collaborative efforts by members of the OSEHRA popHealth Steering Work Group and the Developer Open Source Project Group. In particular, the Alabama State Medicaid committed significant development resources to achieve the attestation certification for the 2018 performance period. Group members from Northwestern University, eHealthConnecticut, Qualifacts, and Zato all made code, expertise, and infrastructure contributions.

Major enhancements of v5.1 include:

  • Attestation of 2015 Edition Health IT module certification for the 2018 performance period.
  • Updated HDS and QME components to conform with the latest QRDA CAT3 and CAT1 standards based on the installed measure bundle
    • 2017 measure bundle - QRDA CAT1 R4, QRDA CAT3 R2.1
    • 2016 measure bundle - QRDA CAT1 R3.1, QRDA CAT3 R2.1
  • Improved logging for patient import.
  • Improved patient deduplication capability.
  • Validated QRDA CAT3 document for conformance to CMS Submission requirement for the MIPS program

Currently, popHealth is in use by state Medicaid organizations, community health centers, AHRQ EvidenceNOW grantees, TCPI grantees, EHR vendors, and hospital systems as either a standalone system or a Certified Health IT module for CQM Reporting. Though popHealth was initially developed to generate analytics necessary for Meaningful Use certification, it is now seen as a principal tool for tracking care outcomes in multiple settings.

For more information, or to become part of this open source project, please go to the OSEHRA popHealth webpage. Interested parties may download v5.1 here. There will also be informative popHealth sessions at the 2018 OSEHRA Summit on July 18-20 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. OSEHRA welcomes interested individuals to participate in our active and diverse community. Membership is open to individuals and organizations, and offers the ability to join and contribute to OSEHRA Working Groups, Discussion Groups, and Open Source Projects. For more information, please visithttps://www.osehra.org/content/joining-osehra.

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