OpenClinica Enterprise Works For Boutique CROs Like Cancer InCITe

Press Release | OpenClinica | July 2, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

OpenClinica, LLC announces that Cancer InCITe, LLC of San Antonio, Texas has selected the OpenClinica Enterprise Edition for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and clinical data management for phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials. Cancer InCITe is a small clinical research organization (CRO) providing a full suite of services dedicated toward the discovery, development and clinical testing of cancer vaccines.

Laura Ferrise, Director of Data Management, offered the following on why Cancer InCITe chose OpenClinica as their EDC platform. “Switching over from paper to EDC started out as an overwhelming task. After going through countless sales processes and demo viewings, OpenClinica was a breath of fresh air. Obviously you cannot beat the price, but that doesn’t distinguish this EDC system. OpenClinica is a robust program with incredible flexibility. This system is perfect for our growing company.”

The OpenClinica software is available in two editions. The OpenClinica Community Edition is freely available under a common open source license. The OpenClinica Enterprise Edition pairs the open source technology with a regulatory compliant infrastructure and robust support services. According to Rob Rittberg, OpenClinica Communications Manager, “The OpenClinica Enterprise Edition is a great option for small, boutique CROs, providing a turnkey, fully supported EDC solution that leverages the powerful OpenClinica platform.”

About Cancer InCITe, LLC 
Cancer InCITe, LLC, is a San Antonio, TX-based clinical research organization (CRO). InCITe stands for “Innovative Cancer Immuno-Therapy” and as the name indicates, the CRO is dedicated to the discovery, development, and clinical testing of novel immunotherapies with special emphasis on cancer vaccine development for the prevention and adjuvant treatment of cancer. Cancer InCITe is currently conducting a series of phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials which are being funded by a range of sponsors from start-ups to big pharma. The CRO offers a menu of services to include: protocol and clinical trial design, regulatory management, clinical trial conduct, data management, and auditing/monitoring functions. The Cancer InCITe team is comprised of seasoned professionals who possess, on average, ten years of experience conducting cancer vaccine trials.

About OpenClinica, LLC 
OpenClinica, LLC enhances the productivity of clinical trials through commercial open source software. With thousands of implementations at biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, academic, and government organizations worldwide, the OpenClini¬ca software facilitates electronic data capture and data management, increasing the speed of collection and quality of data in clinical trials. OpenClinica supports HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and other regulatory guidelines and is designed as a standards-based, extensible, and modular platform. For more information visit