OpenClinica Amps Up Its Hosting with New Cloud-Enabled Offering OpenClinica Optimized™ Hosting

Press Release | OpenClinica | October 4, 2011

OpenClinica, the provider of open source clinical trial software, announces the availability of its new, state-of-the-art OpenClinica Optimized™ Hosting. OpenClinica Optimized Hosting is a hosting infrastructure specifically designed to enhance the speed, reliability, and security of running OpenClinica in strictly controlled regulatory settings.

“This unique environment for running OpenClinica has been tuned to deliver some key performance gains,” said OpenClinica’s Shaun Martin, who was responsible for architecting the environment. “For example, large data extracts can run up to 10 times faster than on ordinary infrastructure.”

The service offers customers a dedicated, cloud-based application server that supplies automatic failover for each OpenClinica instance, and a separate database layer powered by industry leading storage technology that replicates data across multiple physical sites for redundancy. “The bottom line here is increased uptime and zero data loss,” said Martin.

The OpenClinica software is used for the electronic data capture and clinical data management in many of the biopharmaceutical industry’s mission critical clinical trials. “Our clients collect highly sensitive data under strict regulatory guidelines,” said Cal Collins, OpenClinica’s CEO. “OpenClinica Optimized Hosting supports their demanding reliability, performance, and regulatory requirements at the system, hardware, and network level.”

While the OpenClinica application resides in a cloud environment, data are stored in a separate—ultra-protected—data center. The hosting infrastructure is validated for running OpenClinica in a GCP-compliant manner and maintains a SAS 70 Type II audit certification.

More information about OpenClinica Optimized Hosting™ is available online at

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