Nurturing VistA EHR Collaboration through Education

Press Release | DSS, Inc., EduBrite Systems Inc., VISTA Expertise Network | June 12, 2014

Document Storage Systems, Inc. partners with EduBrite Systems, Inc. and VISTA Expertise Network to rollout vxJourney Learning Management System for the VistA Community

PRLog (Press Release) - Jun. 12, 2014 - JUNO BEACH, Fla. -- Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS), the leading provider of VistA-based software development and support, today announced their partnership with EduBrite and VISTA Expertise Network to offer a Learning Management System (LMS) that will provide continuous education courses, quizzes, surveys, and training certifications to the VistA Community via the DSS founded VistA Extensions Hub (

VistA Extension Hub has partnered with EduBrite Systems Inc. ( to leverage LMS platform and Confluence add-on, Gilly.  Gilly integrates with the VistA Extensions Hub and allows community members to watch live and recorded vxJourney webinars and then take courses, quizzes, and surveys to assess their level of knowledge and acquired skills. Upon completion, members are awarded digital certificates of completion. This initial partnership will not only provide continuous education to community members, but will also encourage community involvement in developing new courses, thus contributing back to the community. In order to maximize the experience of the new LMS, EduBrite will provide two instructional webinars for Instructors and Trainees.

"EduBrite LMS simplifies the whole training and learning experience to VistA Community members." said Ajay Upadhyaya, CEO of EduBrite." We are thrilled to be part of the Open source Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) revolution. We are excited to work with the VistA Extensions Hub team and provide a broad range of training solutions to meet community members' learning, skill gaps and other related needs."

In effort to further nurture VistA collaboration and give back to the community, VISTA Expertise Network is also partnering with DSS to provide their MUMPS based courses. The Paideia Project is a training program launched by VISTA Expertise Network in 2007 to act on its commitment to train the next generation of experts. The Paideia Project provides training in MUMPS, VistA File Manager, VistA Kernel, EWD, and other VistA development skills.

"VISTA Expertise Network is pleased to partner with DSS and Edubrite to provide another avenue for the VistA community to get training. We will provide two Paideia Project courses of ten classes each (Beginning MUMPS and Intermediate MUMPS) to help get this program rolling and plan to provide more classes later this year," said Frederick "Rick" Marshall, Executive Director.

The improved environment will be presented at the VistA Community Meeting and at the upcoming VistA Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) | Health Informatics Specialists (HIS) User Group virtual meeting on June 24th.

“By engaging the VistA community and providing a way for community members to share and assess their VistA knowledge, we are able to nurture the next generation of VistA Experts,” said Mark Byers, CEO and President of DSS, Inc. “DSS is proud to initially partner with companies like EduBrite Systems and VISTA Expertise Network to provide community members with a LMS for continuous education and a way to create new training courses to share their knowledge.”

About Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS, Inc.)

DSS is a leading health information technology (HIT) software development and systems integration company. For more than 20 years, healthcare organizations have benefited from our technical and service integration expertise. DSS has extensive experience working with federal, private and public healthcare facilities to modernize their legacy systems and to improve efficiencies for clinical and administrative users. DSS is a member of the Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) organization and released its own open source EHR in 2009, vxVistA, which takes the most reliable and widely used open source EHR in the country to a new level to meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and physician practices. DSS is a founder and supporter of a community-driven, collaboration environment website, The VistA Extensions Hub (, which acts as a forum for discussion and best practices among VistA users. For more information about DSS, visit

About EduBrite Systems Inc.

EduBrite Systems Inc. is a privately held technology start-up located in the Silicon Valley, California. It provides a SaaS-based online learning platform that enables businesses and training institutes to deliver end-to-end training and assessment solutions for employees, partners and customers. The platform consists of simple to use online editor to create customized courses and certification programs which can be taken from anywhere, anytime using a web browser or iPad app. EduBrite is integrated with other enterprise products like Atlassian Confluence, Yammer and Google Apps for Business. For further information contact EduBrite Public Relations at [email protected] or visit

About VISTA Expertise Network

The VISTA Expertise Network (VEN) is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the adoption and improvement of the open-source VISTA and RPMS EHR software developed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and Indian Health Service. The Network provides consulting, training and programming services on a project basis, bringing together experienced VISTA professionals. For further information visit

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