NoMoreClipboard Launches Enhanced Blue Button Capability

Press Release | NoMoreClipboard | May 4, 2012

In support of healthcare industry efforts to make consumer access to digital health data a top priority, NoMoreClipboard today announced that its users can download their personal health record information in five different file formats including ASCII, .pdf, CCD, CCR and PHR Extract.

“We decided to launch a ‘Blue Button on steroids’ to give our users choice,” said Jeff Donnell, president of NoMoreClipboard. “While the Blue Button effort embraced by organizations like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare enables veterans and Medicare beneficiaries to download health information, it does so in file formats which fall short of the interoperability standards required for certified electronic health record vendors. We added CCD, CCR and PHR extract formats to our Blue Button module, so patients can download a file that could be shared with anHIE, an electronic health record system, or another healthcare IT application that embraces standards-based interoperability protocols.”

“Like others who have adopted the Blue Button initiative, our users can download a human readable ASCII text file or a .pdf, which is inherently valuable” added Donnell. “Since we have been exchanging structured electronic data with other healthcare IT vendors for years at interoperability events and in the marketplace, we are enabling our users make their data available in formats that can be parsed – making discrete electronic data available for consumption. This reinforces our commitment to giving consumers a portable, interoperable personal health record designed to liberate, rather than imprison, health information.”

For more information on the Blue Buttoninitiative, please visit Blue Button, the Blue Button logo, and the slogan “Download My Data” are registered Service Marks of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), an agency of the United States Government and are used by permission of VA.

About NoMoreClipboard

NoMoreClipboard, a wholly owned subsidiary of Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), is a web-based, personal health record management system designed to consolidate medical information in one convenient and secure location for easy retrieval and updates. NMC enables consumers to share personal or family member medical information with medical professionals electronically; reducing the need for repetitive medical paperwork. For more information, visit