Intiva Health Incorporates TxMQ Technology for Credential Management Platform

Press Release | TxMQ, Intiva Health | November 12, 2019

Using TxMQ framework to enable Hashgraph, Intiva Health created a ReadyDoc, a groundbreaking secure credential management platform.

BUFFALO, N.Y.--November 12, 2019 (BUSINESS WIRE)--TxMQ, a full-service enterprise IT solutions and consulting firm, has completed Intiva Health's Hashgraph-powered credential and career management solution, Ready Doc™. Leveraging its development partnership with Swirlds, TxMQ was selected to integrate Hashgraph into Intiva Health's platform, resulting in the first immutable and primary source-verified health care platform specifically for credential and career management-secured and powered by Hashgraph.

Intiva's Ready Doc allows for the fastest placement and ongoing credentialing of physicians, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals. This innovative platform reduces the time it takes to verify and onboard new medical practitioners at facilities, ensuring quicker access to services for patients.

Miles Roty"We are extremely pleased to have been chosen for the Hashgraph build for Intiva's Ready Doc platform and we are appreciative toward Swirlds for the referral," said Miles Roty, Vice President of Services and Support at TxMQ. "The partnership with Intiva happened naturally, and we found that our experience was a great fit for what they were hoping to achieve. We fully support the solution that we have created and look forward to an ongoing partnership with Intiva Health as the platform grows."

In its search for a new platform, Intiva Health looked toward leveraging distributed ledger technology because of its decentralized security system and reliability. Swirlds Hashgraph met all of Intiva Health's requirements because it is a private permissioned ledger that provides the high level of security and scalability required in the healthcare market. TxMQ was involved in establishing best practices for the Hashgraph implementation and node architecture.

Gary McIntoshUtilizing Intiva's proven existing front end, TxMQ's Aviator Core framework that uses Swirlds technology provided the backend and went beyond a typical blockchain and distributed ledger technology build. The additional security features that TxMQ incorporated into the platform have now been patented by Intiva Health.

"This innovative Hashgraph solution backed by TxMQ will help our partners in the healthcare industry feel confident and secure when using our platform," said Garry McIntosh, Chief Operating Officer of Intiva Health. "We are excited and proud to be part of the Hashgraph movement and are grateful to TxMQ for helping us realize this innovation."

About TxMQ

TxMQ is a full-service enterprise IT solutions and consulting firm that supports businesses and government institutions with a focus on middleware, data-architecture, ERP, and DLT. The company specializes in design, architecture, implementation and migration services and partners with Swirlds/Hedera, IBM, and other major DLT platform providers. The company was founded in 1979 and is privately held.

About Intiva Health

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Intiva Health is reinventing healthcare credentialing with Ready Doc™, the first and only free credential management solution that uses distributed ledger technology. Thousands of healthcare professionals use the platform to speed up the credentialing process from months to minutes; saving the industry time and money while reducing risk. Visit, Facebook or Twitter for more information.


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