HoruX 1.97 – Radiology Information System (RIS) made for Osirix.. (Demo)

Press Release | HoruX | June 10, 2011

HoruX is one of the most powerful, extremely simple to use, affordable, robust and stable Radiology Information Systems, and with huge number of features of the market. HoruX, is one of a kind. Also, it counts with the distinctive feature of being develop natively for Mac OS X using the Cocoa Framework, being fully integrated with the most versatile and award-winning miniPACS and DICOM Viewer Osirix.

Main features:

  • Multiuser OS. Built-in Web Server: access patient data, appointments and reports.
  • 64-bit programming. Rock-solid, powerful by default.
  • OsiriX integrated.
  • Fast search for patients, reports, appointments, invoices…
  • Local or centralized server storage system (HoruXPro version)
  • Change propagation is automatic. No need to refresh data.
  • Import any document or file to the EMR/EHR of each patient.
  • Complete Patient management.Personal data.
  • Biomedical data. Allergies, medicines, activities, and other data user needs to store here.
  • Document management. Attach any type of document: text, video, audio…
  • Radiological reports.
  • Appointments.
  • EHR/EMR.
  • Invoices.
  • Patient Importing Tool: import patients from any OsiriX in the network, any PACS including DCM4CHEE and the Address Book included in any Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server computer.


  • Appointments for all modalities, doctors, patients and procedures (defined in settings for the medical center).
  • Appointment status management (ready, cancelled…)
  • Filters: by modality or doctor.
  • Week and month views.New appointment creation or edition by just double click.

Report management

  • Simultaneous support for written report or voice dictation/recognition. Transcription management, send audio files to the assigned transcriptionist automatically.
  • Type of exam (procedure),modality, patient, responsible doctor, referring physician, date…
  • Status report: ready, reviewed, dictated, final… Defined in settings.
  • Report Distribution. Send by e-mail to referring physician as PDF file.
  • Report printing.
  • Drag and drop for extra content in report: text, ,videos, hyperlinks, audio, images and photos…
  • Multiples reports for the same appointment. Edition from multiple locations is allowed (HoruXPro version)


  • Filtering by dates or responsible doctor.
  • Integrated with OsiriX. Open DICOM images automatically in OsiriX. Don’t lose time searching for patient images.
  • Easy access to all previous patient reports and medical records.
  • Report status management.
  • Built-in Modalities DICOM Worklist Server.
  • Every appointment generates a worklist item that will be required by the modalities.
  • Modalities retrieve needed data for exams: procedures, date and time, patient, doctors…

Billing management

  • Patient invoices.
  • Add items to invoice.
  • Invoice printing.
  • Send invoices by mail.
  • Payment management.
  • Statistics

Charts for different magnitudes provides an easy decision making process.

  • Total summary data.

Settings and Preferences

  • Complete management of settings or parameters: internal doctors, referring physicians, procedures, prices, status for appointment and reports, modalities in medical center…
  • Parameters for OsiriX integration.

iPhone and iPad version

  • Access from you iPhone or iPad to every patient’s data, your current workflow, patient ‘s reports and order Osirix open patient’s images with these native versions (they are not web pages or remote desktop clients) of HoruX for iOS.
  • Just with your fingers.

Version 1.97:

  • Name of taxes in invoices can be defined for every country (VAT, IVA, IGIC…) and tax rate as well.
  • added support to Applescript for creating new reports.
  • created and uploaded a new plugin for OsiriX so new reports can be created on HoruX. Check the plugin manager on OsiriX.
  • general improvements.                                                                       
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • 64-bit Intel CPU

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