Clinovo officially launches a Users and Developers Community for ClinCapture

Press Release | Clinovo | March 27, 2013

Clinovo releases its open-source community for users of ClinCapture® and developers around the world to collaborate on the enhancement of its open-source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system.

Sunnyvale, CA. March 27, 2013. ClinCapture's® open-source community brings users and developers together to constantly enhance the EDC system and better meet the needs of life science companies. ClinCapture® is the most advanced open-source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. It is tailored to meet the needs of life science companies looking to run cost-effective phase I to IV clinical trials, investigator and registry studies.

"I strongly believe open-source is the future of clinical trials”, explains Marc Desgrousilliers, CTO at Clinovo. Clinovo envisions to develop new top-of-the-edge features, increase ClinCapture's® performance and bring user experience to the next level." Users and developers' involvement in ClinCapture's® community will ultimately help deliver medical innovations faster to patients".

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) developers can download ClinCapture® on and start contributing their code. Clinical Data Managers, Site Monitors, Clinical Research Associates and Clinical Research Coordinators can submit their requirements and feedback, which will be added to the product roadmap, by posting their ideas on the new forum at

Tom Hickerson, Senior EDC Manager at Clinovo and first open-source EDC expert, gave an interview on his 10 years of experience with open-source Electronic Data Capture (EDC). He explains the benefits of open-source EDC, describes the new feature enhancements added to ClinCapture®, and details the product roadmap for 2013.  “We are looking at an ambitious roadmap for 2013, including a series of focused releases, in which community members will play an instrumental role”.

On average, bringing an approved new drug from initial private investment to a patient takes over 13 years and $1.9 billion, or an average of $146 million per year. In this context, ClinCapture’s® cost/benefit comparison makes it a solution of choice for sponsors looking to run cost-effective early phases clinical trials, investigator, post-marketing or registry studies.

ClinCapture® was launched by Clinovo in 2009. Electronic Data Capture has been a critical area of growth for Clinovo in the past years. Thirty studies are currently running on ClinCapture®, including pharma, biotech and medical device studies. ClinCapture® has been repeatedly chosen for its cost-efficiency, flexibility and advanced customization. Client case studies are available on

Clinovo released a new stable version of ClinCapture® in January 2013. Clinovo introduced a series of advanced features to streamline data capture and improve clinical data quality and integrity, including new LiveReports for real-time monitoring. The release featured a more intuitive navigation, rationalized roles, and one-click access function to many of the routine functions like scheduling events and data entry.

About ClinCapture®

ClinCapture®is an advanced and flexible open-source electronic data capture (EDC) platform designed to streamline clinical trials. As an open-source EDC solution, ClinCapture®is tailored to meet the needs of life science companies looking to run cost-effective clinical trials.

About Clinovo

Clinovo partners with life science companies to streamline their clinical trials, leveraging years of expertise in systems integration, open-source technology and industry standards. Clinovo provides Staffing Solutions, eClinical Systems and Biometrics Services including Clinical Data Management, Electronic Data Capture, CDISC mapping, SAS Programming and technical trainings.

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