Lou Galterio

Lou Galterio is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Suncoast RHIO, a vendor of technology interoperability solutions.  SunCoast RHIO is focused on government approved and certified software and employs clinicians who work with medical providers. SunCoast transmits quality measures in the form of PQRS, now MIPS, and for Hospital eCQM’s. It utilizes DIRECT for encrypted communications and CONNECT for audit response.  As a QPP Registry, SunCoast will use hosted Open EMR as a relay for customers with other EMRS consuming their quality metrics to SunCoast; have SunCoast add measures not supported by the native emr; and pass them on to CMS.

Lou has an MBA in Finance and also studied electrical engineering. He holds an undergraduate degree in Management Science and Statistics from the City University of New York. Originally an engineer at New York Telephone, he moved into banking in 1971 and Financial Clearinghouses and Stock Exchanges with Digital Equipment Corporation in 1987.

He entered the Healthcare Technology Industry in 1990. He was the first CIO for the public hospital system serving New York City and later with the private New York Hospital during the merger with the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Network before moving to Florida. Lou held other CIO roles at smaller hospitals and consulted. With an avocation in academia, he served as adjunct lecturer and researcher. He is a Fellow with HIMSS, a member of CHIME, has CPHIMS certification. He served as Chair of the Health Information Exchange Committee and co-chair of the Health Technology Public Advocacy Committee on the Central and North Florida HIMSS Chapter Board. SunCoast RHIO is a member of the National Quality Forum, the NQF, and, in that role, Lou and his organization work to promote electronic clinical quality measurement, eCQM.

Lou authored numerous papers and articles; and holds a provisional patent for the Nested Envelopment Shared Savings Index, a statistical algorithm used to score Clinical quality outcome data between Provider and Payer for ACO risk and performance. He serves on the Steering Committee for the National Carequality initiative charged with implementing a common and vendor neutral Health Information Exchange interoperability framework modeled on the financial ATM network used in consumer banking.