Glenn Keet

Glenn Keet is President of HealthLevel, a company that, provides context-sensitive, self-service, real-time analytics and reporting to improve access, efficiency and quality of care at the point of care. Keet has been in healthcare IT for three decades.

HealthLevel provides cloud based analytic solutions that enable healthcare administrators and physicians to easily understand and manage towards clinical, financial and operational performance improvements. Our Foundations analytics platform can increase physician engagement and management efficiency because users can easily access real-time information that is appropriate to their role, in a secure and meaningful manner.

Previously he was the Chief Executive Officer of ClinCapture, a cloud-based SaaS software vendor focusing on electronic data capture (EDC) solutions for the clinical trial industry. Prior to ClinCapture, Glenn was the head of business development for Optum's Health Care Cloud, focusing on developing the ecosystem of providers, developers and consumers. Glenn became part of Optum via the acquisition of Axolotl Corp, where he was President. He graduated from Lehigh University in 1986 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and BA in Applied Sciences.