Dr. Tony Shannon

Dr Tony Shannon is the director of the Ripple OSI program. The Ripple Program was  set up to foster a community of health & social care pioneers in England, working to improve the care they provide, by collaborating around an open Integrated Care Record platform. 

According to Shannon, “The drive for the Ripple program stems for my personal experience of working as an emergency physician for 20 years. That  includes 10 years as Consultant in Emergency Medicine in Leeds where every shift highlighted the limitations of the current state of health IT. After some years battling for improvements within the NHS National Program for IT, I made a move to direct the development of an integrated Electronic Health Record program based in Leeds Teaching Hospitals. This then allowed us to deliver the Leeds Care Record which thankfully has been a real success. Ripple is now taking the lessons learned through this effort develop an open source Integrated Digital Care Record so we can share our developments to the health and care system more widely, help foster a more collaborative ecosystem and help give front line staff the right tools to work smarter, not harder.”

Dr. Shannon’s background is as an Emergency Physician. This has been a great foundation for all his learning. It has helped him understand that amidst the complexity of the world we live in, there is real value in harnessing simple patterns. He has been fortunate to have had a variety of perspectives on some common challenges. He shares his thoughts and experiences thourhg his blog at frectal.com.
Shannon’s work now involves providing Leadership & Consultancy around;

  • Complex Systems & Organisation Change
  • Clinical Leadership, Process Improvement and Information Technology in Healthcare
  • Electronic Health Records, Open Source & Open Standards in Healthcare IT
  • Commissioning and Value for Money in Healthcare

Blog: www.frectal.com