David Perara

David Perara brings over 22 years of global management, industry leadership, and strategic delivery to Open Health News. In the IT outsourcing services market, he has advised clients and managed global resources throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Prior to joining Open Health News, Mr. Perara managed the ProBenchmark SaaS platform as Director of Delivery and Product Development. Throughout most of his career, he has enabled IT service providers to deliver optimal value to Fortune 1000 companies with benchmarking data to verify market competitiveness.

He has spoken at numerous conferences and published industry leading research. After his personal medical experience and researching the state of healthcare in the United States, the extent of the healthcare crises and the need for a revolutionary transformation became evident. David has decided to apply the same principles to healthcare promoting transparency and open health solutions in the marketplace of ideas.  He believes Open Health News is the perfect platform to increase accessibility and awareness of the solutions to provide optimal health models and platforms. The major industries Perara has applied his skills towards include: aerospace & defense, communications, computer services, energy, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, and transportation.

David has delivered global market research to hundreds public and private sector organizations like ABN AMRO, AT&T, American Express, Bank of America, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Blue Scope Steel, Cap Gemini, CGI, CSC, HP/EDS, Fireman’s Fund, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, McDermott, Morgan Stanley, NASA, NAVSUP, NAWC-WD, Perot Systems, Raytheon, Sabre, State of Michigan, State of North Carolina, State of California, Sears, Target, University of Pittsburg Medical Center, and Xerox/ACS.

Mr. Perara’s previous experience includes serving at the following industry leading global organizations: IDC, META Group/Gartner, Wang Global, Boeing (Airplanes and Computer Services). These tenures entailed providing significant coverage of the public and private sector. This gives him a broad unbiased perspective to now serve in the healthcare industry.   He graduated magna cum laude from Seattle University with a BS in Business Administration, majoring in Finance.