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NASA Opens It Open-Source Code Doors

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols | ZD Net | January 5, 2012

The idea of this new Web-site is to “continue, unify, and expand NASA’s open source activities. The site will serve to surface existing projects, provide a forum for discussing projects and processes, and guide internal and external groups in open development, release, and contribution.” That’s all for the best since, while NASA started formally supporting open-source software in 2003, those efforts have usually not been very co-ordinated.

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With Code.Nasa.Gov, Agency Steps Up Hunt for Its Open-Source Software Projects

Nick Judd | Tech President | January 17, 2012

Over time, NASA releases data from Kepler — an unprecedented look at our universe, other planets and star systems — on a decidedly terrestrial web portal, It's part of a broader effort at NASA to make the agency's work more accessible, which is itself part of the Obama administration's promise to make government more open. Read More »