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Searching Upstream For The Source of Sickness

Beverly Merz | The Atlantic | January 15, 2014

New “upstreamist” doctors are looking for the roots of illness in patients’ environmental and social spheres. Read More »

Serious Risks and Few New Benefits from FDA-Approved Drugs

Donald W. Light | Health Affairs Blog | July 6, 2015

Over the past year, the U.S. Senate and The New York Times have been investigating the failure of the nation’s auto safety regulators to protect citizens from cars with occasionally dangerous faulty devices. But neither august institution has paid attention to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) failure to protect the 170 million Americans who take prescription drugs from adverse reactions that are killing more than 2,400 people every week. Annually, prescription drugs cause over 81 million adverse reactions and result in 2.7 million hospitalizations...

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The Gruesome Statistics Behind One Of America's Most Dangerous Jobs

Ben Schiller | Co.Exist | March 1, 2016

New government data shows that hand amputations are scarily common for meatpacking workers. Meatpacking is one of the dangerous jobs you can do in America. Injuries requiring time away from work are three times more common than U.S. industry as a whole. With tenderizers, grinders, hooks and extruders all around, there's always a chance you'll come off worse...

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