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Open Source Movement Finds Friends at the White House

Goeff Spick | CMS Wire | October 26, 2009

Over the weekend, the White House switched from its Bush-era closed source content management system (CMS) to the popular Drupal open source platform. The project reflects Drupal's growing acceptance with more sophisticated web operations and the U.S. government's inclination to leverage open source software.

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Thoughts on the switch to Drupal

Tim O'Reilly | O'Reilly Radar | October 25, 2009

While open source is already widespread throughout the government, its adoption by the White House will almost certainly give permission for much wider uptake.  Particularly telling are the reasons that the White House made the switch.

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Open Source Data Collection in the Developing World

Yaw Anokwa, Carl Hartung, et. al. | Invisible Computing | October 15, 2009

ODK is designed to let users own, visualize, and share data without the difficulties of setting up and maintaining servers. The tools are easy to use, deploy, and scale.

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Another Major HIT Project Setback at UCSF: Vendor, Client or Both at Fault?

Scott Silverstein | Health Care Renewal | October 13, 2009

In yet another example of a major health IT project setback, in August I wrote about UCSF's apparent problems with health IT implementation that I learned about through anonymous comments at the HisTALK blog. At "Lessons Unlearned: Health IT Failure, Act 2" I wrote:

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Department of Veterans Affairs Awards Purchased Care Contract to DSS, Inc. Team

Press Release | DSS, Inc., Complete Medical Systems, Inc, Vista Revenue Solutions Corporation (VR$) | October 9, 2009

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has awarded the Purchased Care Health Care Claims Processing solicitation to Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS). Read More »

Simon Crosby Explains Citrix's Open Source XenServer Move

Staffwriter | | October 1, 2009

Simon Crosby, Citrix Systems' chief technology officer and founder of XenSource, is our guest on this edition of This Week in Virtualization. Read More »

Blue Mountain Hospital to Achieve Meaningful Use Through Implementation of Medsphere's OpenVista EHR System

Press Release | Medsphere, Blue Mountain Hospital, GT.M | September 16, 2009

-Proven Open Source Solution Goes Live in Months, Not Years, to Rapidly Improve Patient Care at New Regional Acute Care Facility Read More »

Medsphere Guarantees Full OpenVista Implementation and Meaningful Use by 2011 for Hospitals That Sign a Contract This Year

Press Release | Medsphere | September 7, 2009

-Open Source Health IT Leader Enables Hospitals to Maximize Federal Stimulus Funding Through Rapid and Affordable Open Source EHR Implementation Read More »

Medsphere Raises $12 Million to Meet Increased Demand for Electronic Health Records

Press Release | Medsphere | August 31, 2009

-Open source OpenVista solution improves clinical care; Rapid implementation and adoption prepare hospitals for meaningful use and federal funding Read More »

FOSS vs. the Winged Monkeys: Q&A With Open Source for America's Chris Lundberg

Jack M. Germain | Linux Insider | August 21, 2009

For Chris Lundberg, open source is as much a philosophy as it is a method of software development. Open source and open access represent the idea that solutions are often better found via many, than via few, he says. Those are some of the ideas he takes to the table as a member of Open Source for America's advisory board.

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EHRs And Multi-Provider Use: Lessons From The VA

Austin Frakt | The Health Care Blog | August 17, 2009

With billions of dollars of stimulus funds available and the President and state governors promoting them, electronic health records (EHRs) are likely to become commonplace in the U.S. health care system. [...] While EHRs are praised for their promise to increase efficiency and safety, it is still an open question how much of those benefits will be realized or when. Read More »

Feds to Host NHIN Software Code-a-Thon

Mary Mosquera | Government HealthIT | July 31, 2009

The Health and Human Services Department will sponsor a "code-a-thon" Aug. 27 so open source programmers can meet to collaborate on ways to improve the CONNECT gateway, software that lets organizations access the Nationwide Health Information Network. Read More »

Medsphere Named to AlwaysOn Global 250 List

Press Release | Medsphere, AlwaysOn | July 31, 2009

-Open Source Heath IT Leader Demonstrates Necessary Growth, Market Opportunity, Innovation and Customer Traction Read More »

Five Projects for Open Source for America, and Other Reports From the Open Source Convention

Andy Oram | O'Reilly Community | July 24, 2009

A group of companies, advocacy groups, and open source projects announced Open Source for America at the O'Reilly Open Source convention on Wednesday. Trying to draw as many collaborators as possible into their coalition, they aim to establish a more effective voice supporting the use of free and open source software in the U.S. Federal government environment. Read More »

Open-Source Backers March on Washington

Ashlee Vance | New York Times Bits | July 23, 2009

Some of the world’s largest technology companies have banded together in a bid to push open-source software on the United States government. They’ve formed a group called Open Source for America, which seeks to make sure that government agencies at least consider open-source software as an option in their buying decisions.

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